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Found 103 ManyChat Chatbot Templates for Facebook Messenger

Create your ManyChat bots using ManyChat, MobileMonkey or Chatfuel in minutes. No coding or technical skills required.

Facebook Messenger Bot for Nightclubs

Health and Beauty Products Messenger Bot

Messenger Bot for Hotels

Birthday Campaign Bot for Restaurants

Pizza Ordering and Delivery Messenger Bot

Mortgage Broker Funnel for Messenger

Lead Generation Bot for Roofing Companies

Open House Bot for Real Estate Agents

ManyChat Email Bot

Conference Bot for Facebook Messenger

Quiz Lead Generation Bot for Pubs and Bars

Messenger Bot for Full-Service Restoration Companies

Real Estate Investor Funnel for Messenger

Multi-Level Marketing Industry Bot

Full-Service Sign and Awning Company Bot for Messenger

Baby Clothing Store Messenger Bot

Lead Generation Bot for Insurance Companies

Appointment Scheduling Bot for Audiologists

Apartment Community Bot

Travel Agency Chatbot for Messenger

Appointment Bot for CoolSculpting Centers

Mortgage Loan Officer Bot

Kart Racing Center Bot for Messenger

Network Marketing Bot for Messenger

MediSpa & Aesthetic Center Bot for Messenger

Lead Gen Lawyer Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Music Band Messenger Bot

Churches and Ministries Messenger Funnel

Wedding Planning Service Bot for Messenger

Restaurant Coupon Promotion Bot for Messenger

Wellness and Physical Therapy Services Messenger Bot

Restaurant Review Bot Funnel for Messenger

Food & Beverage Company Bot for Messenger

Consulting Agency Bot for Messenger

Lead Generation Bot for Insurance Brokers

Coaching & Webinar Registration Messenger Bot

Food Truck Bot Template for Messenger

Customer Loyalty Program Bot for Messenger

Gym and Fitness Club Bot for Messenger

Messenger Bot for Hotels, Hostels and BnBs

Personal Assistant Bot Template for Insurance Companies

Lead Nurturing Messenger Bot for Realtors

E-Commerce Messenger Bot for Footwear Stores

Health and Weight Loss Coach Bot Template

Hotel Booking Chatbot for Messenger

Zapier and Manychat Messenger Bot for Real Estate Agents

Solar Panels Lead Generation Bot

Facebook Marketing Coach Bot

Dentist Bot for Appointment Scheduling

Webinar Bot for Business Coaches

Lead Generation Bot for Sales Coaches and Trainers

Bot Template for Public Figures and Celebrities

Cleaning Service Bot for Messenger

Ordering Assistant Messenger Bot for Restaurants

Coffee Shop Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot Template for Sports Clubs and Teams

Cinema Bot for Website and Facebook

Real-E Bot for Real Estate Agents

All-in-One Bot for Real Estate Companies

Appointment Messenger Bot for Real Estate Agents

ManyChat Bot Template for Government Agencies and Politicians

Farm/Organic Food Producer Bot for Messenger

Construction Company Funnel for Messenger

Martial Art School Chatbot for Messenger

All templates are 100% white-label, fully customizable and available on ManyChat

ManyChat Chatbot Templates
for Facebook Messenger

You can easily customize any of our templates with Chatfuel or ManyChat code-free platform, then connect your new bot to a Facebook Page and launch it today