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How we hand pick the best development agencies

BotMakers was born from the need to put the quality of chatbots to a higher level and make custom chatbots affordable to small and medium companies. Find out how we identify developers experts to achieve this goal

Reliable Experts

From the very first interview, we aim to identify passionate and motivated development teams. With excellent communication skills and open for collaboration
to run every project smoothly.

Committed Development Teams

Teams, that make a significant contribution to the industry. Fully engaged in their work and with a strong background in chatbots development.

Rich portfolio of high-quality chatbots

Nothing can better represent team expertise than previous projects. Before making a decision of partnership, we do precise testing of existing chatbots from each team.

Global Network

We partner with development agencies from all over the world to cover different time zones.

If geographic location is a preference for a new project, we are ready to make the match for seamless collaboration.

reusing experience

We only partner with developments agencies, who have already contributed a lot of efforts to their own chatbot framework and develop it constantly.

This allows making every next chatbot by the template, customizing it for a specific business needs. Reusing previous experience helps to decrease chatbot cost and time of delivery.

domain experts

We only partner with teams, who understand, that chatbot development is different software and care about user experience.

Our partners have designers and professional writers in teams in order to put chatbot quality to a higher level.