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Automotive Inventory Integration into Facebook Messenger. Integrating a car dealership's live inventory within Facebook Messenger allows users to browse inventory, view all vehicle photos, vehicle details, and creates conversion opportunities such as ‘book a test drive’ all without having to go to the website. In a nutshell, you’re bringing your website inside of Facebook Messenger. It offers instant, real-time sales conversations for your car dealership 7 days a week, 365-days per year! When a customer views inventory in Facebook Messenger, the dealership has instant access to knowing the customer’s name, which vehicles they are looking at, and the ability to chat with them! You won’t get this with your website! This process reduces the number of steps it takes customers to convert and that means more leads! When a customer enters the chatbot, there are many inventory-related features: *View Vehicle Details and Highlighted features* *Includes Opt-In Opportunities, such as:* *Book A Test Drive* *Free Credit Check* *Request Live Chat* *Call* *Get Directions* *And More* Contact Adactiv to get your chatbot setup!

Adactiv Adactiv Vancouver, Canada

Platforms & Integrations

Chatbots can be created for any messaging platform
Slack, Kik, Skype and Telegram


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Zoho CRM
HubSpot CRM