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Found 5 Hotel Chatbot Templates for Facebook Messenger

Create your Hotel bots using ManyChat, MobileMonkey or Chatfuel in minutes. No coding or technical skills required.

Save time when building Facebook Messenger bots with bot templates.

Hotel Chatbot Templates
for Facebook Messenger

A hotel chatbot transforms the way hospitality companies interact with clients and build a marketing strategy. While 95% of hotels and B&Bs worldwide have a business presence on Facebook, only 2% of them have incorporated the chatbot technology. The use of bots is directly connected with customer acquisition efficiency; it increases the number of bookings 4x times.

Now guests can easily access all the hotel services, plan their leisure and find out useful traveling tips right in the bot window. The hotel chatbot helps potential guests find out the prices, see available rooms, make a reservation, order a transfer to/from the airport, order lunch in advance, and get helpful information on their stay. What’s more, by collecting a personal guest’s info, a chatbot generates highly-converting personalized offers and discounts to motivate users take additional target actions. The interaction became easier both for the hotel owners and clients due to the round-the-clock bot operation.

Hotel chatbot templates are compatible with ManyChat, MobileMonkey and Chatfuel. No coding skills required.