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Found 12 Small Business Chatbot Templates

Create Small Business bots for Facebook Messenger in minutes. No coding or technical skills required.

Solar Panel Cleaning Service Bot for Messenger

Crowdfunding Campaign Bot for Messenger

5-Day Social Media Challenge Bot for Messenger

Travel Agency Chatbot for Messenger

Carpentry Quote Messenger Bot

Messenger Bot for Laundry Businesses

Lead Generation Bot for Roofing Companies

Kart Racing Center Bot for Messenger

Travel Agency Chatbot for Instagram

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Small Business Chatbot Templates

A chatbot for small business is an advanced communication platform simplifying the process of interaction between an SMB and clients. The chatbot operates 24/7/365 and automates the majority of routine tasks related to customer support and order processing.

Almost every small business circles around a wide range of typical procedures and questions from clients on a daily basis, — that’s what can be delegated to bots. They can cover the tasks related to initial informing, consultation, scheduling, reservation and promotion. By incorporating a chatbot for small business into the workflow, owners not only get the possibility to bring the client to purchase through the engaging sales funnel but also to reduce customer retention costs. Being a virtual assistant, a bot operates with no breaks and weekends, and responds instantly, which reduces the likelihood that a client will leave a website unanswered. The users get better experience of interacting with a brand while companies passively expand their client base and increase profits.

The loyalty program can include the launch of the contests, weekly discounts, special birthday offers, feedback collection, etc. Incorporation of such promotions into the chatbot leads to a 37% increase in catering sales.

A chatbot for small business can be adapted to different niches, whether it’s photography, a beauty salon, repair services, etc, and integrated with ManyChat, MobileMonkey and Chatfuel. No coding skills required.