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Found 23 E-Commerce Chatbot Templates for Facebook Messenger

Create your E-Commerce bots using ManyChat, MobileMonkey or Chatfuel in minutes. No coding or technical skills required.

Tea Shop Bot for Messenger

E-Commerce Bot for Online Jewelry Stores

E-Commerce Bot for Footwear Stores

Online Pharmacy and Drugstore Bot for Messenger

E-commerce Bot for Hair Accessory Brands

Multi-Level Marketing Industry Bot

Baby Clothing Store Messenger Bot

Instagram FAQ Bot For Messenger

Footwear Store Bot for Messenger

Health and Weight Loss Coach Bot

Sales Bot for Writers and Authors

Lead Generation Bot for Sales Coaches and Trainers

Public Figures and Celebrities Messenger Bot

Ordering Assistant Messenger Bot for Restaurants

Coffee Shop Messenger Bot

Flowers Delivery Facebook Bot

Save time when building Facebook Messenger bots with bot templates.

E-Commerce Chatbot Templates
for Facebook Messenger

An e-commerce chatbot is an advanced channel for processing orders, which serves as a real consultant and helps buyers solve complex issues. It delivers high user engagement, retention and a decreased bounce rate. The conversation powered by the e-commerce bot reduces cart abandonment probability to 20% thanks to the crazy-high 80% open rates.

The bot guides users through the entire sales funnel, from the selection of goods to payment and tracking of the parcel, with no need to open a website. By analyzing the previous actions, time spent on certain pages and client’s answers, it creates attractive and relevant offers. To reinforce the shopping interest and boost repetitive purchases, the Shopify chatbot and any other e-commerce bot sends regular promotional notifications and adjusts the mailing frequency based on the open rate. It can be easily integrated with the company's internal systems (CRM, product catalog) and marketing services (newsletters, analytics).

The e-commerce bots can be used with all popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Lead Pages, Squarespace and many others, and integrated with ManyChat, MobileMonkey and Chatfuel. No coding skills required.