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Save time when building Facebook Messenger and Website bots with Botmakers templates.

Writer Chatbot Template

Chatbots for writers change the way of how modern writers, journalists, and bloggers promote their materials. Instead of sharing updates in the regular newsfeed, with a bot, they deliver information in an engaging, interactive manner. A conversational bot’s approach motivates users to take some target actions, such as to subscribe, visit a store, make a purchase, or leave feedback.

Without the necessity to hold every presale conversation personally, influencers establish constant and immediate communication with potential clients via the bot. The tasks related to informing, nurturing relationships, customer support, and sales are delegated. That is how a writer can use the chatbot to announce new books, tell about his/her range of the books produced, divided into categories and genres, and help readers make a choice based on their interests and preferences. The sales purpose can be achieved by redirecting users to the e-commerce platform where all books are available for purchase.

The chatbots for writers can be customized for the specific e-commerce platforms and marketing channels, and can be implemented on ManyChat, MobileMonkey, and Chatfuel. No coding skills required.