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Found 3 Insurance Chatbot Templates for Facebook Messenger

Create your Insurance bots using ManyChat, MobileMonkey or Chatfuel in minutes. No coding or technical skills required.

Save time when building Facebook Messenger bots with bot templates.

Insurance Chatbot Templates
for Facebook Messenger

An insurance chatbot builds a simple, personalized and engaging business communication with clients. By incorporating the chatbot in insurance, the companies reduce customer support costs by 60%.

Contacting an insurance company regarding the medical, travel, financial or auto accident issues became easier than ever before. As a virtual interlocutor, a bot quickly advises users and passes the collected data to the responsible manager for further negotiations with the possibility to request a call back. It shares company contact info, tells about the terms of different insurance policies, helps calculate the cost of each program and choose the best option for every individual case, schedules an appointment, and offers discounts. An insurance chatbot adds value to business by streamlining interaction processes and reducing customer latency when accessing the required information. Finally, the companies get more applications for their insurance policies, attract new visitors to sales offices, and expand the base of loyal customers.

An insurance chatbot is compatible with ManyChat, MobileMonkey and Chatfuel. No coding skills required.