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Found 4 Attorney Chatbot Templates

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Attorney Chatbot Templates

A legal chatbot is a digital assistant of attorneys that takes on the majority of their routine activities related to initial communication, customer support, and awareness. 29% of workers hate answering the typical customer questions every now and again.

By introducing a legal chatbot, private jurists get free from carrying out the primary consultations and standard surveys, and preparing the identical docs. The bot presents answers to the most widespread law issues, both plaintiff’s and defendant’s ones, in the online mode 24/7. No human intervention is needed. The instant reply strengthens the client loyalty and increases the attorney’s chances to get a scheduled appointment. A legal chatbot is a simple and convenient tool to collect all required info about the potential customers, maximize the productivity of meetings and provide competent consultations. It can also be used as a promotional channel for sharing special offers and discounts.

A legal chatbot can be customized for any field of law and integrated with ManyChat, MobileMonkey and Chatfuel. No coding skills required.