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Recruitment Chatbot Template

A recruitment chatbot automates up to 75% of the regular HR processes and increases the probability of successful hiring 3x times in comparison with the traditional approach.

Such simple procedures as screening candidates by asking a set of questions takes a considerable time when it comes to manual processing of dozens of applications daily. The recruitment chatbot takes the most frequent tasks of recruiters, such as a collection of information about candidates, checking the compliance with the requirements indicated in the resume, scheduling an interview and introduction. This gives HR managers the opportunity to focus on work with the best candidates. At the same time, chatbots in recruitment improve the experience of candidates. By working 24/7 with a large number of queries simultaneously, a bot starts screening the CVs immediately after submission, in real time, and gives feedback. The prompt personalized answers increase the chances of closing a vacancy quickly and effortlessly.

Chatbots in recruitment are applied to numerous working areas and can be easily implemented on ManyChat, MobileMonkey and Chatfuel. No coding skills required.