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Found 18 Customer Service Chatbot Templates

Create Customer Service bots for Facebook Messenger in minutes. No coding or technical skills required.

All-In-One Instagram Bot for Hotels

Messenger Chatbot for Consumer Services

Church ManyChat Bot

Insurance Agency Bot for Messenger

Municipality Office Bot for Messenger

Customer Support Bot for Family Law Attorneys

Messenger Bot for Apartment Communities

Kart Racing Center Bot for Messenger

Lead Generation Bot for Insurance Brokers

Messenger Bot for Hotels, Hostels and BnBs

Personal Assistant Bot for Insurance Companies

Flowers Delivery Facebook Bot

Airlines Customer Service Facebook Bot

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Customer Service Chatbot Templates

A customer support bot provides comprehensive assistance services aimed at resolving and clarifying incoming user issues instead of operators. More than 80% of operators complain about the necessity to answer a lot of the same questions from day to day. The chatbot drastically simplifies their workflow by taking on the routine tasks related to processing typical user requests and placing orders, and it’s doing it in the non-stop mode.

The possibility to get an instant reply with practical recommendations on how to find an appropriate item is what people are looking for when facing difficulties in the navigation within the company website or a business page. The customer service bot service immediately determines the goal of a client based on the chosen answers and suggests trying different efficient methods to find a solution. It guides the user through the entire lead generation cycle while solving the issue and motivating them to take a target action (purchase, order, reservation, etc.). Smart optimization of workload, stability, and operation continuity made the customer support chatbot an indispensable tool for SaaS companies and e-commerce businesses which deal with hundreds of similar queries daily. By incorporating a sufficient number of scenarios for handling common requests, problems, and complaints, it helps companies increase the reliability and general quality of their support service.

The customer support bot can be adapted to a specific niche and integrated with ManyChat, MobileMonkey, and Chatfuel. No coding skills required.