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Found 5 Law Firm Chatbot Templates

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Law Firm Chatbot Templates

A chatbot for lawyers and law firms allows to automate jurist’s repetitive tasks and daily workflows, such as counseling, legal awareness formation, and arrangement of meetings. Around 80% of processes can be optimized as a result of the bot implementation. What’s more, the legal services in the United States are extremely expensive. While the cost of a click on relevant Google ads can get insane $500, the chatbot is a super cost-effective tool to boost conversion rates. It sensibly nurtures the leads before converting them into clients, by sending useful information like stats, tips and cheat sheets.

The range of chatbot’s possibilities includes but isn’t limited to round-the-clock consultation, provision of immediate juridical support in emergency cases, accurate processing of incoming queries, preparation of documents and reports. It saves the customer communication histories and displays updated statistics on the client retention rates, thus, creating a clear lead generation picture. A chatbot for lawyers and legal firms can be used in terms of a family or immigration law, notarial services, insurance, commercial offers, contracting and in other areas. It independently provides solutions for standard issues, allowing lawyers to concentrate on the complex strategic tasks.

A chatbot for lawyers and legal firms can be implemented on ManyChat, MobileMonkey and Chatfuel. No coding skills required.