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A Chatbot Development Agency from Spokane, USA

Innovated Media

Messenger Chatbots is the next big thing! In fact, Facebook has been one of the earliest adopters of chatbot. Have you ever seen anything like this when contacting a business on Facebook? **Chatbots have the potential of adding enormous value to any business. ✅ A 50%-80% increased open rate compared to emails ✅ Improved marketability of subscribers ✅ List growth made easy ✅ Highly targeted outbound marketing ✅ Effortless integration with countless applications (via third party providers like Zapier) ✅ 24/7 automated response ✅ Impeccable customer service – Chatbots allow zero wait time for customers to get answers ✅ Save precious time by addressing commonly asked questions easily ✅ Enhance brand recognition ✅ Engagement with customers increases loyalty ✅ Saves companies money by avoiding paying someone by the hour to monitor customer service ✅ For small business owners, it frees up their time so they can focus on growing their business ✅ Quick customer support on website via the use of chatbot widgets – treats the conversation like a support ticket or uses 3rd party integration to create a support ticket ✅ Delivers the right content to the right person at the right time ✅ Generate more leads which equals more sales ✅ Bots are the future – they will probably be launched by Instagram and WhatsApp in the near future “Okay sounds cool, but where is the opportunity?” I'm glad you asked. 94% of businesses out there do not make use of this innovative creation. In fact, most people out there haven't caught the trend just yet. Which is great news as it means you are early in the trend. The opportunity lies in building your own chatbot marketing agency. Selling chatbot to businesses before other people catch on to the rising trend. Remember when I mentioned that the top companies in the world catch trends and stack trends? Great! So what are the two trends that Chatbot takes advantage of? Firstly, it eliminates the middle man. The automated bot replaces the traditional employee interacting with the customer. Finally, it takes advantage of the rising trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the fact that nowadays, people want things FAST. Right now as you're reading this, you are early in the trend. Very few people ever manage to catch trends early. Most people jump see trends only when it is too late. It's vital that you don't miss out on this rare opportunity.

Innovated Media Innovated Media Spokane, USA

Platforms & Integrations

Chatbots can be created for any messaging platform
Slack, Kik, Skype and Telegram


Popular Integrations

Zoho CRM
HubSpot CRM