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A Chatbot Development Agency from Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India


Botonomics Automations LLP presents TeeDee - an AI Powered Chatbot Platform. TeeDee helps to build affordable AI-enabled chatbots so that small businesses and start-ups can leverage the power of AI. We wish to automate the manual labour required to set up chatbots and continuously update them with the latest information using NLP summarization. Our chatbots have the edge over our competitors as we charge them on a pay per use basis to get all the features of our SaaS platform even with the smallest plan. TeeDee Key Features - 1. Get the best chatbot at the best price 2. Create a chatbot in three clicks without the hassle of coding 3. All round assistance for your customers as well as your team 4. Upgrade your business with TeeDee 5. Real time customization TeeDee Services - 1. Feedback Chatbot 2. Lead Generation Chatbot 3. FAQ Chatbot 4. Live Chat System 5. Support Chatbot 6. Survey Chatbot 7. Appointment Chatbot 8. Custom Chatbot TeeDee Integrations - Easily Integrate your chatbot with your website, email or workspace. With TeeDee, the task of integrating your chatbot with the best tools and applications has become effortless! Get notified at one go using TeeDee Integrations! TeeDee Pricing - Get charged only for what you use! We have introduced a pay per use pricing model in the form of TeeDee credits. Visit today!

TeeDee TeeDee Vashi, Navi Mumbai, India

Platforms & Integrations

Chatbots can be created for any messaging platform
Slack, Kik, Skype and Telegram


Popular Integrations

Zoho CRM
HubSpot CRM